Dontyne continues to support teaching and training through lockdown

Continuing its commitment to furthering gear design knowledge and development of the industry, Dontyne has helped continue the education at Newcastle University through the Covid lock down by updating and supporting our installation there. The University uses the Gear Production Suite to teach gearing as part of the engineering module Design of Mechanical Power Transmissions. The server based Academic licence gives unlimited users on the server even when accessed on the virtual network. Therefore students and teachers alike could continue to access the software via Internet connection. We are pleased and proud to support this now and into the future.

The Gear Production Suite has been used within the British Gear Association Knowledge Transfer Programme for some years now. The BGA offers a diverse range of courses covering many aspect in gear design and operation including lubrication, monitoring, and heat treatment as well as the design aspect for gearing and gearboxes you would expect. Those courses that can be held online are offered free to members this year which may be incentive enough for companies to take up membership, but there are many other benefits. For more information on courses available see the BGA website. Dontyne Gears is looking forward to once again hosting the Gear Cutting Course at the site in Washington, Tyne & Wear, hopefully by the end of the summer if not sooner. This 4 day course is open to gear engineers that want to understand not just the mathematics but also the mechanics of gear generation by designing and cutting gears on gear hobbing and shaping equipment. You WILL get your hands dirty.