Dontyne exhibits at events in New Dehli and Pune, India, Feb 2020

At the event, Dontyne Gears will promote design services and well as inspection and testing services. These individual services can be combine into development programs. The resulting combination of software and hardware can be offered as a complete solution. As well as offering Dontyne Systems software and Osaka Seimitsu inspection equipment (in Europe) we now offer test rigs as a product. The test rigs were promoted with a great response at EMO September 2019 due to their flexibility in test range and quick delivery times.

The other is IPTEX 20, Pune, 13-15 Feb, Booth A15.

At this event the team will be promoting the Gear Production Suite software from Dontyne Systems, with special attention to the Machine Centre simulations and Skiving and Honing especially, which have been greatly improved in the last 12 months. Production of gears on 5-axis can also be demonstrated to allow faster and more flexible production. This software has been developed to integrate design with production for greater production efficiency and product development.

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