Dontyne at JSAE 2023, Yokomama

Dontyne was on the UK Pavilion of the JSAE 2023 in Yokohama promoting our DIGGS solution using the EquatorTM from Renishaw plc for up to 100% in-process evaluation of gear tooth parameters.

The system is only for spur and helical at this point but we are aiming to introduce a straight bevel option later in the year in time for EMO in Hannover. Many thanks to our sales partner Reishauer KK for their continued support in Japan.

The DIGGS system is well suited to customers of their high volume, high precision gear grinding machines. Several companies are preparing samples to send to us for evaluation of suitability in their production lines. We look forward to helping them improve their productivity. The GPSCAM software package from Dontyne was also being promoted for the fast, flexible, cost effective production of gears on multi axis platforms in small and medium volumes with end mills and large volumes with fixed tool option. The system models can be used for spur and helical (including internals) of course but also straight, spiral, and hypoid bevels. Many companies in aerospace and motor sport have been quick to adopt the system to avoid expensive, dedicated gear production systems.