HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 !!! Dontyne is getting striaght back into the swing of things by attending an exhibition this month. From 19 till 25 January, 2023 we are assembling at IMTEX-2023 , Bangalore at Stall number-A120 and HALL NUMBER-1A. MR. MARTYN P ENGLISH will join HIMADRI DUTTA and his Himshiv team to promote the Dontyne Gear Production Suite. Of most interest to the market in India will be the Machine Centre elements simulating Hobbing, Grinding, Shaping, Shaving, Skiving, Honing, and 5-Axis (Cylindrical, Bevel, and Hypoid). These are already in wide spread use across Europe, USA, and Japan due to their accuracy and ease of use. Their use has proven crucial to design appropriate tooling at the design stage thus removing potential errors and waste in production. Many potential customers have already booked their flight/hotel to visit IMTEX-2023. We hope we can be of service to the attendees and look forward to increasing the user base in India in the coming months.