Custom Software Development

Dontyne Systems keeps up with common working practice and Standards in the GPS software, but it is clear that there is a wealth of knowledge built up in large or long running companies that is outside of Standards but is effectively valid by Method A – experience and empirical trials. This knowledge can be programmed for a specific customer only in GPS to run along side recognised methods, or a stand-alone solution can be created. We would be pleased to discuss your particular circumstance to produce a quotation for fast development and implementation of a custom software solution.

We have completed the development of specific design and analysis solutions for many customers worldwide. There are several ways in which customers can improve the utilisation and security of their own internal IP within their organisation:

Integrate customer calculation procedures and analysis routines in the Gear Production Suite in a specific installation

Create a new version of an existing software package used by customers in a more modern application compatible with the latest technology

Create a new application to incorporate customer IP in a modern application for improved access and security

Contact us to find out how we can help your company.