Gearbox Designer

The Gearbox Designer has a Concept Tool and a Deflection Model design to quickly trial multi stage arrangements. The deflections can be passed to the Gear Design Pro and Load Analysis Model for analysis.  The speed and ease of use of this low cost option have enabled companies in automotive to utilise over larger, more detailed gearbox design tool in development stages. It is ideal option for companies not involved in automotive. 

Standard Features include :-

  • Spur, Helical and Bevel gears
  • Shaft Deflections
  • Misalignments in Line of Action
  • Forces
  • Shaft Stresses
  • Fully Coupled Housing Stiffness Matrix
  • 3D Gearbox Graphics
  • Deflected Plots
  • Concept or Detailed Gears
  • Import Nastran data from CAD

Gearbox Concept tool

Drag and drop concept level layout of gearbox system for rapid development of transmissions to determine speed, torque, clutching, and power to analyse efficiency with live test for valid connections.

This is a specialist module to help in the very earliest stages of gear box design. It allows a transmission layout to be constructed in several minutes, with no need to create a spreadsheet specific arrangement. A system model can then be constructed from the concept layout.

Static Deflection Model

This tool can create a gear box layout and uses a fully coupled matrix to determine the deformxation through the gear, shaft, bearing and housing. It is possible to import a stiffness matrix from 3rd party software. Controls exist to indicate power through the system and emphasise The Advanced level of the tool links directly to detailed design and analysis tools within the Suite.

3D graphical interface
Gearbox view of motor sport transmission
Gearbox contains spur and spiral bevel gears