Inspection Centre

The inspection Centre module links to gears inspection equipment whether dedicated gear checker, coordinate measuring machine, gauging system, or machine tool on board device. Imported data can be used to evaluate to current international standards or produce a more detailed analysis including diagnostic evaluation for corrective action. No load marking patters and transmission error plots can be simulated against digital master or measured mating component. The data is compatible with Load Analysis Model functionality.

Embedded Modules

The modules in the Gear Production Suite can be individually licensed. This means they can can also be utilised by other software programs with a given exchange interface. The interface can be formatted to show or hide GPS GUIs during operation as required. Many customers are using this to enhance their own product enabling fast and efficient development.

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Ricardo develops link to GATES

Dontyne announces a remote link has been developed by Ricardo for their SABR and SABR/GEAR software.

The link enables specialist high quality tooth contact analysis through our Load Analysis Model to be remote accessed from a more comprehensive gearbox design tool.

Renishaw/Dontyne Collaboration

Renishaw plc and Dontyne Systems Collaborate on Gear Metrology Systems
Renishaw continually develops its MODUS metrology software application to meet the demanding requirements of customers in a global market. A joint development with Dontyne Systems has resulted in the release of ‘MODUS Gear’ and ‘MODUS Spline’ software.