Product Licensing

Dontyne supplies GPS to companies of all sizes from multi national corporations to sole trader. We have a range of options for licensing to fit the technical knowledge and the budget of all clients.

The tools within the Gear Production Suite can be licensed individually and have different levels of functionality to be tailored to requirement. The licences can be permanent or leased;

Permanent licence remains active on the system as soon as it is locked to the computer or network. This is the lowest cost option when used over many years.

Leased licence is 35% of the permanent price for 12 month period including support. This is ideal for project work or trying as many tools within GPS as the budget will allow to establish requirement.


Maintenance contract is offered for Permanent Licences updates to the software and online support for using the software. This is optional but recommended. It is 15% of the licence fee per year. There is no maintenance fee with Leased Licences as and the software will be updated to the latest version on renewal or there will be a 50% discount on any licence fee if converted to permanent at the end of the term.

Standard and Advanced levels for most tools. The Standard level has all the functionality required to do the relevant tasks for the tool. The Advanced level can enable much faster development or more complete analysis but at increased cost.

Installation type can be Single Node, Dongle, or Floating (one or more licences).

Academic licences for Teaching Institutions and Developer licences with significant discount for this assisting with the promotion and development of GPS product.

Integration with other software or hardware platforms. Data transfer can be established from in-house software to utilise specific functionality in the GPS. This technique has been applied by various companies such as SABR from Ricardo for Load Analysis Model, Modus Gear and Spline from Renishaw for Inspection Centre, and by Enduro from Romax from Machine Centre.